The Travis Turner Show – June 20 – Part 2 (Ricky Martin)

Murray Ledger and Times sports editor Ricky Martin wrote a very special column honoring Joey Fosko, and we talk to Ricky about the admiration and respect he had for the long-time Paducah Sun reporter.  Ricky speaks eloquently about what Joey’s advice and friendship meant to him as he started his career in sports journalism, and Ricky’s words add more weight to the many tributes that have honored the life and career of our great friend.

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The Travis Turner Show – June 20 – Part 1 (Scott Brown)

WKDZ’s Scott Brown does a fabulous job covering the Trigg County Wildcats, and in doing his job, Scott often crossed paths with our late, great friend, Joey Fosko.  Like so many of us, Scott enjoyed Joey’s company and admired his professionalism, and he joins Travis to share his memories of the man who dedicated himself to high school sports in western Kentucky.

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The Travis Turner Show – June 19 – Part 2

Chris Evans does a fantastic job serving the folks of Crittenden County through his work at the Crittenden Press, but for years he served the readers of western Kentucky at the Paducah Sun.  During that time, Chris forged a friendship with a talented young reporter named Joey Fosko, and though Chris would eventually leave the Sun, he and Joey forged a friendship that would last a lifetime.  Chris joins the show to share his memories of Joey, and he captures perfectly the essence of a man who loved his job, his friends, and the live he lived.  Chris offers up a look at Joey that few could provide, and his special insight reveals a man of great intelligence, character, and compassion.

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The Travis Turner Show – June 18 – Part 4

Travis takes a look at the Cardinals’ outstanding play, the franchise’s impressive organizational depth, and the number of Redbirds that could merit selection to baseball’s Mid-Summer Classic.  He also offers a look at the MLB standings and scoreboard, the Stanley Cup Finals, and an example of the worst sports talk radio has to offer.

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