The Travis Turner Show – April 26 – Part 3 (Brad Burns)

Brad Burns continues his examination of big league hitters as he talks about the roles of hitters and the adjustments required to be successful against Major League pitching.  Brad and Travis take a look at the MLB scoreboard and the matchups on tap for Friday night, and Brad continues his series on coaching youth baseball.  This week Brad puts the focus on communication, and its importance for players, coaches, and parents.

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The Travis Turner Show – April 26 – Part 2 (Brad Burns)

Brad Burns talks about Ken Griffey, Jr.’s career, and he examines the importance of a strong and healthy lower body for power hitters.  Brad also breaks down Joey Votto’s patience at the plate, and he discusses the growing acceptance of high strikeout totals for Major League hitters.

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The Travis Turner Show – April 25 – Part 2 (Ricky Martin)

Murray Ledger and Times sports editor Ricky Martin talks about the NFL prospects of two former Racer football stars, Roderick Tomlin and Casey Brockman, and he takes a look back at last Saturday’s spring game as the current Racers squared off in the Blue-Gold Bowl.  Ricky also discusses the transfer of Racer basketball’s Erik McCree, and he details the work of Isaiah Canaan and Ed Daniel as they continue their pursuit of opportunities in the NBA.

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